Cruelty Report Terms and Condition

To make a cruelty complaint should be prepared to provide law enforcement with the following:

  1. Contact Person’s Details
  2. Perpetrator’s Details
  3. Evidence (animal alive or dead)

Be sure to document the case as well as you can with dates, times, specific details and, if possible, videos and photographs from a mobile phone. All of these things can help us during any investigation that may do of the suspected cruelty. If you are unable to enter another person’s property without their permission, please take pictures of the location or surrounding area and you may send us the Whatsapp location.

Most cruelty investigated by humane officers is unintentional neglect that can be resolved through education. Intentional cruelty is by knowingly depriving an animal of its food, water, shelter, socialization or veterinary care to maliciously torturing or killing an animal. If the animal is dead and there is no animal corpse to be found for investigation, the case will not have enough evidence to prosecute the perpetrator.

It is important NOT to report the offending material to the social media platform (e.g., Facebook). The post can be removed or sometimes the poster’s account will deactivate as well. In either situation, this can prevent the law enforcements from having access to investigate the case further.

Note: Non-governmental organization (NGO) can only assist on the case for the contact person. NGO are NOT empowered to take over the case ones it is under investigation by the DVS, PERHILITAN, PDRM and PUBLIC PROSECUTOR.