6 Dog Grooming Issues to Check With Your Pet Groomer

dog grooming issues to check with your pet groomer

Every dog needs a good grooming once a while. Especially for long-haired breeds and those who shed like Huskies, Samoyed, and even Goldies, dogs need regular grooming to prevent mats, skin problems, and pain. A professional pet groomer is a common place to give your dog a good bath, cleaning and grooming. However, dog grooming issues happen more often than you think. So here are 5 things to check with your pet groomer to ensure a happy, healthy, and beautiful doggo.

1. Behaviour at the Pet Groomer's

Many pet owners do not realise when their dogs feel anxious when going to the grooming salon. Some dogs do get dramatic and anxious at the groomer’s, but check that they are not too scared to the point of getting traumatised. Anxiety can get worst for the animal if it is not taken well care of.

Train your dog since they’re pups to see the groomer as a happy place. Give them treats for every good behaviour, such as when they sit still or not barking at the groomer. This will help your dog to associate going to the groomer’s with nice things, thus helping it to calm down and be less anxious. A good pet groomer will also help a first-time visit more bearable with praises, encouragement and love.

2. Pet Salon's Hygiene Condition

Ensure that your pet is happy and healthy after coming back home from the grooming salon. Since there are other dogs at the grooming salon, the place can be contaminated if it’s not clean and well-kept. A good pet groomer has to make sure that their equipment is kept clean and disinfected after every grooming session.

How does the pet saloon smells? Are the groomers wearing proper gear such as gloves, face mask, or aprons? These are some of the things you can check with a pet groomer to ensure proper grooming hygiene for your dog.

3. Be Cautious for Injuries

It’s normal for your dog to move around while being groomed. As such, accidents are bound to happen especially for rowdy pups. A good pet groomer would anticipate any accidents before they happen. An experienced groomer can shave your dog with ease even when your pooch moves a lot. So, if you think your dog’s the type who can’t sit still while his nails are being trimmed, consider a more established groomer who can ensure your dog’s safety.

Check your dog for any cuts or reddish marks to make sure they are not injured while grooming. An inexperienced groomer could cut your dog’s nail too deep or shave too close and cause painful bleeding. If this happens, call them right away or switch to a new groomer. You can also let your groomer know if you want your dog to be groomed purely for hygiene or request for any particular style  you want. Always check with your groomer if the style you want will be okay for your dog, since some ‘hairstyle’ might be uncomfortable for certain breeds.

4. Safety Measures at the Salon

Does the pet salon has a procedure of when a dog is injured? Do they have a first aid kit? Can they help you when you come back with an injured dog with rashes and bruises?

These are some things you can check to ensure that your groomer has proper safety measures in an event of an accident. Groomers need to make sure that proper precautions are taken to treat a wound should they accidentally hurt a dog. They should inform you immediately and take responsibility of the incident.

5. Choose a Suitable Dog Groomer

Take the time to shop and browse for good pet groomers around your area. Ask your friends, other dog owners for recommendation or check online reviews. You can also go to the salon in person and observe how they’re treating clients there.

Talk to the dog groomers and get some good rapport with them. It also helps if you know specifically what you need so they can deliver the exact thing to you. Ask them about what equipment will they use for your dog breed, the price range, suitable hair cuts, or other things. These are merely as a safety precaution and to put your mind at ease.

small dog at the groomer's getting a bath
Image courtesy of Benjamin Lehman, Pexels.com

6. Look for Alternatives, Like the Vet!

Aside from treating illnesses and performing spay & neuter surgeries, the vet clinic is also a place to get your dog groomed. It is especially the best place if you only want your dog to be cleaned without the fancy styling. Vets can clean your dogs ears properly, trim their nails, untangle matting problems, give medications for skin problems and many more. Vets are trained and certified so you can rest assured your dog would be in the safest of hands. 

Keep in mind that not all veterinary clinics offer grooming services, so check in with them before deciding.

In Conclusion

Trust your gut. If you truly care for your fur baby, you would know if a dog groomer is good for your pooch. Hopefully these tips can help minimise dog grooming issues and get yourself some peace of mind for every time you send you dog for some good grooming. Communicate with the groomer on your every concern, and take the time to browse for the best one in town. In the end, you’ll have yourself a healthy dog with silky smooth fur and a big smile.