No escaping long arm of law for those who abandon pets, says NGO

PETALING JAYA: Those guilty of dumping their pets should not think that they can escape the long arm of the law, says the Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia (SAFM).

They said this in response to a report from a complainant that a man had dumped a domestic shorthair female cat along with its three kittens in an alley.

The suspect who dumped the cats in front of the complainant’s house was caught on CCTV stopping his car in the alley and leaving the cats there in Taman Melawati Jaya, Kuala Selangor on Tuesday (Sept 29).

The video was posted on the SAFM Facebook page on Thursday (Oct 1), and has received over 400 shares and close to 1,000 reactions so far.

“The road in that area is a busy one because it is used by the residents and so it is dangerous for animals.

“The complainant also said this is not the first time that cats were dumped there by irresponsible people, and that many cats had died before from being run over by vehicles on this road, ” said SAFM.

SAFM said kittens were unable to recognise danger and so were at high risk of being roadkill victims.

The non-governmental organisation said that the complainant had filed a police report on the incident, adding that it will also file a report in order for further investigations to be conducted.

“The suspect shouldn’t think that he’ll be let off the hook. If found guilty under the Animal Welfare Act 2015, the offender can be fined between RM20,000 and RM100,000 and/or face imprisonment of up to three years, ” said SAFM.

Source :  The Star