Take Action, Report Animal Cruelty & Be Their Voice!

report animal cruelty

We share our little blue planet with millions of animal species whom for millions of years we’d relied on for food, transport, labour, clothes, and so much more. In this brave new world of internet and technology however, we seem to be forgetting how to treat animals with respect and gratitude. Sadly, we see so many cases of animal abuse and cruelty today. But we can take action, report animal cruelty and give justice back towards the voiceless animals.

Animal cruelty is defined as the crime involving the infliction of pain, suffering, or death to an animal. Animal neglect can include withholding of food and water and shelter and that as a result the animal has in any way suffered, died, or been placed in imminent danger of death. In short, anything that is done to mistreat an animal and cause physical or mental trauma to the animal.

Sometimes we wonder, why do animal cruelty happen a lot of time? We might think, people who engage in animal cruelty are monsters! Heartless creatures who don’t deserve a place in the world. Who could ever harm a living and gentle animal? Animal cruelty often goes unnoticed and not taken seriously in Malaysia. But think about it, if someone can be abusive or cruel to animals, then who’s to say that they could also become aggressive and violent towards fellow human beings? And in most cases, animal abusers also harms other humans.

Example Animal Cruelty Cases in Malaysia

  1. In 2019, a single mother fed her dog 32 sewing needles. She was only fined RM 7,000 and spend ONE night in jail.
  2. In 2019, two men were caught on camera putting a cat into a clothes dryer at a self-service laundromat before turning on the machine, killing the pregnant feline.
  3. In 2020, another man caught putting three cats into a washing machine at another self-service laundromat and turning it on. All three cats died.
  4. A man sprayed red paint a caged monkey he caught from a tree.
  5. A parent laughed at her son for killing a rooster, recorded the murder on video and posted it on social media.
  6. Someone chopped off a kitten’s legs and left it to die!

These are truly brutal cases of animal cruelty! No animal deserves to experience any abuse from any human being. Animal cruelty is a growing phenomenon that needs more awareness so that it is stopped immediately.

How You Can Help to End the Violence Against the Voiceless

Animal cruelty in this country is indeed a very disturbing problem. And it’s easy to feel powerless and disheartened listening to these heartless cases. But we can change this. We have to start with the man/woman in the mirror and be change we want to see. We have the power to bring awareness and justice to these voiceless creatures.

How we can help ? First, we should be responsible pet owners and be attentive to our pets’ needs. If you have pets, they need more than just food, water, and adequate shelter. They need vaccination and get spayed or neutered. In addition to these basics, be sure to always show them the love and care they deserve. If you think your pet is sick, bring him to the veterinarian. Being a responsible pet owner goes a long way to help our animal friends living in a healthy and happy environment.

Second, we can help to educate others about the importance of providing basic needs for all dogs and cats. We should use the power of social media to spread awareness on animal cruelty and abuse. Be your little activist and spread the word on proper pet care, spay & neuter, and what not to do to animals. A little good deed can go a long way!

Lastly, you can be the key to the prevention of animal abuse  in your area.Yes, you can be the mover and shaker, the agent of change our country is desperately in need of! If you witness a cruelty crime against any animal; pet or wildlife, TAKE ACTION. Record the incident and gather strong evidence in forms of videos or photos and report animal cruelty.

Call the hotline 013 706 6770 (Whatsapp Only) for Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia (SAFM) to help in reporting cruelty cases. Alternatively, you can file a report online here.

Be the voice of the animals! Take action, spread the awareness and let’s stop animal cruelty.