SAFM Is On The Look Out For M’sian Man Caught Shooting Stray Dogs With Rifle

It’s honestly no secret at this point that shooting stray dogs in Malaysia is a huge no-no.

Yet, there are Malaysians who believe they are above the law when it comes to the misconduct and abuse of strays.

The Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia – SAFM is currently on the lookout for a man who was showcased shooting strays.

They wrote, “Who gave this man the authority to shoot stray dogs? The SAFM received a video where a man shot stray dogs with a rifle. It is very cruel and inhumane. The location of this video is still being investigated.”

Based on the video, one of the dogs was hit as it yelped out and whimpered in pain.

“A dog that was the shooter’s target is believed to have been hit by the shot because its shouts of pain can be heard in the video. Whether the dog is suffering in pain or has already died is still a question,” they added.

SAFM is now looking for any witnesses is who willing to share information on the suspect and has vowed to keep witnesses safe through anonymity.

Those with information can WhatsApp SAFM at +60162662007. If convicted under Section 30 of the Animal Welfare Act 2015, the man could face a fine of maximum RM100,000 or a jail term of not more than three years or both.

Such cruel actions should not be tolerated especially considering there are always more humane ways to deal with conflicts with strays.

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