“These people should be punished” Man Shoots Mother Dog & Five Puppies For Playing On Porch

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot of animal abuse cases around Malaysia. Just yesterday we reported that SAFM was on the lookout for a man that was caught on camera shooting stray dogs.

Following the report, an Instagram user reached out to World of Buzz and shared a similar animal abuse case that she had come across on a friend’s account.

“After coming across a post on your page of a guy shooting dogs, I then remembered coming across something similar previously on someone’s Instagram Stories,” she said.

“I remember who posted it as it’s not something you can forget. It’s not like everyone shoots dogs, right?” she added.

She tells us that she proceeded to search for the person who posted the video before and successfully found it as the user saved it as an Instagram highlight.

“The highlights showed that this incident took place 40 weeks ago. This was not the only video showing them shooting dogs,” she added on.

In the video she shared to us, the caption said “1 mother, 5 children, all settled. Last one. Apparently, there were 5 puppies not just 3. We’re not just shooting them for no reason but because they were playing on our house porch.”

The reader added on saying “They are from Terengganu but I can’t be too sure whether the incident took place in Terengganu as well.”

“I am afraid and don’t know who to complain to about this. This kind of people should be punished,” she said.

Animal abusers as such can be investigated under Section 30 of the Animal Welfare Act 2015. If convicted they could face a fine of maximum RM100,000 or a jail term of not more than three years or both.

Animals are also living creatures and there is absolutely no valid reason for these barbaric abuses. We hope the authorities look into this matter.

Source : worldofbuzz.com