Wildlife Rescue in Gombak

Wildlife Rescue in Gombak

Last Saturday, a monkey was rescued from a fallen tree and found roaming around alone in Jalan Ulu Gombak Lama. The rescuer immediately took the monkey home to be fed and treated.

Subsequently, the rescuer contacted SAFM for further advice. Preparations were made by SAFM made preparations for the rescuer to hand over the monkey to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN). Kudos to the rescuer for his immediate action to resolve the matter!

In Malaysia, each state has a Department of Wildlife and National Parks responsible for the protection, management, and preservation of wildlife. Keeping protected wildlife as pets is generally illegal.
However, in Terengganu and Kelantan, monkeys can only be reared at home with a license on the basis of earning a livelihood. The requisite approvals and license must be obtained from PERHILITAN for such purposes. In other states, private individuals are generally prohibited from rearing wild animals at home.

Malaysians are encouraged to contact PERHILITAN immediately in the case of injured wild animals.

Please refer to the list below for the contact numbers of PERHILITAN in each state within Peninsular Malaysia.
Perlis : 04-976 1813
Kedah : 04-731 2200
Pulau Pinang :04-261 3039
Perak : 05-243 6645
Selangor : 03-5519 3915/ 03-5519 0817/ 03-5510 6328
Negeri Sembilan : 06-761 6998
Melaka : 06-234 5610
Johor : 07-223 0580
Pahang : 09-573 3811
Terengganu : 096221460
Kelantan : 097416240