How to report animal abuse in Malaysia?


Have you recently seen an incident of animal abuse in your area? It could be a pet dog chained and beaten by bad owners, or a caged monkey deliberately starved, or a stray cat or bird being harmed. If you’re looking for how to report animal abuse in Malaysia, here’s what you need to do:

The first and MOST important thing to do is to gather evidence by recording the incident. Especially in Malaysia, animal abuse reports need strong visual evidence such as photos or better, videos to ensure a strong case against the abusers. With our smartphones, we should be able to record as many pictures and videos and catching the abuser with undeniable evidence. Videos can become solid proof compared to audio recording in the eyes of the law. If we do not have enough proof, it can difficult to make a case against the abuser in court.

gathering evidence for a strong animal abuse report
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Under our Malaysian law, we have the Animal Welfare Act 2015 to help animals get justice against animal cruelty. Animal abusers or pet owners can be accountable for any bad actions. They can be fined and also serve jail time for their cruel act against animals.

The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) is the ultimate authority on all animal abuse reports However, now there are many non-profit organizations that are available to reach out for animal welfare cases in Malaysia. Our Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia (SAFM) is one of the non- profit organization which is available to handle animal cruelty or abuse cases anytime of the day.

There are easier channels and faster way’s to report animal abuse to us, which is via Hotline (Whatsapp to 013 706 6770) or using our contact form directly from our website.

We need more volunteers to help with animal abuse cases, to be the voice for the animals against animal cruelty. Keep in mind, animal abuses aren’t confined to strangers beating strays in the streets, but it also includes pet owners and animal lovers themselves who abuse animals without them knowing. There is much education and awareness we need to do before the public can truly be ethical and compassionate towards our animal friends.

So, if you see an animal being abused, malnourished, or needing help, act quick. Take photos and videos and report the animal abuse and save their lives.

Please note to send your report to us with pictures and videos of the animal.

How to gather STRONG evidences of animal abuse reports to Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia (SAFM)

  • Videos and photos are strong evidence to make a case against the abusers in court.
  • Make sure to collect information about abusers name, full address, incident location / address or other information such as vehicle number.
  • If you do not have abusers name or exact address, please make sure you have abusers image or location of the incident that you can send to us via WHATSAPP.
  • Please collect reliable information for the case before reporting, to make sure we are not misleading the case before starting the investigation.
  • You may contact us directly via WHATSAPP @ 013-706 6770 or email us at
  • You can also submit your enquiry through our CONTACT FORM here.